Razer Firefly: What a luxury!

Shinessthegame – For players, of course, key peripherals are designed to support their activities. Although the mouse, keyboard, and headset have game play on the back, they have to pay higher prices, they always have an appeal that’s hard to resist. It provides performance, durability, comfort and a host of exclusive features that other common products cannot. However, there is one interesting thing that this factory approach is also beginning to focus on cosmetics – ensuring that players can not only enjoy the activities of their players, but also have the opportunity to “show off” as players. We have this impression from Razer Firefly – the latest mouse pad product from this gigantic manufacturer.

The first one

For most of us, mouse pads can be the latest list of products that require attention and attention in an effort to strengthen the existing arsenal of gaming peripherals. The priority is only the mouse, keyboard and headset, while the mouse pad does not always have a meaningful task. For those who want to achieve a better level of competition, the manufacturer actually also provides a claimed surface variant of the mouse pad, which is designed for the benefit of different genres. That this surface will affect how accurately you move with each movement.

However, there has never been anything special with a mouse pad. A few years ago, it only appeared in different sizes, different materials and with the same design – a hard / soft black surface with a small logo in the corners and a vinyl theme, nothing more. The big question, of course, is, what else can this product offer? Razer reacted with something crazier – a more intense cosmetic side.

When you open the Razer Firefly out of the box, you come across a hard mouse pad that is no different from the others. The bottom surface ensures a firm attachment so that it does not move when your hand “dances” quickly with the mouse. The surface with a special material with a smooth texture also ensures that your gaming activities, regardless of your favorite genre, end up optimally adapted. Firefly offers the need for accuracy of movement without any problems. However, you will find something unique here. USB cable on the back. You’re right, this will be the first mouse pad where you can find something like that.

It’s called Fireflies on the Table

As you can predict, this USB cable aligns the Razer Firefly with other Razer “Chroma” products – a mouse pad with RGB lighting on all sides. If you feel that your Razer Chroma mouse or keyboard is not “flashy” enough, or you only need one peripheral to highlight the theme you want to create, Firefly meets those beauty needs. You just have to plug it in and voila! This mouse pad is ready to use. RGB LEDs, which can produce a combination of 16 million colors, are scattered along the side of the mat with relatively large dimensions, except for the front with a limited area. This LED also colors the driversrazer.com logo at the top right. After all, there is absolutely no performance improvement feature and the like, the Razer Firefly is a mouse pad with LEDs! You read that well, mouse pad with LED!